Reason Behind Why Ripple Coin Plunges From $120 to $78

Ripple coin’s capitalization fall suddenly from $120 billion to around $78 billion with in six days, almost of 35% down fall on the Coinmarketcap.


1. On Wednesday ripple coin trade market fell upto $1.98.
2. Ripple coin’s market capitalization fell to $78 Billion.
3. Ripple coin price has been fluctuating from past few days.
Ripple coin is one of the most welcomed crypto currencies after bitcoin and ethereum. As per the data shown on coinmarketcap, ripple coin market capitalization fell 18% on Wednesday to trade at $1.98. Before ripple use have $3.84 , but within six days ripple price loses nearly 47%.
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So that, ripple market capitalization also fall suddenly from $120 billion to nearly around $78 billion, a slope downwards of 35% on the Coinmarketcap, which displays the average price of crypto currencies.
In last one month ripple has rapid growth, until 20th December, the ripple coin price was below $1 per coin. Suddenly market capitalization was folated around $30 billion. On December 21, and then ripple coin price crossed for the first time beyond $1.
It hits $2 per coin within 8 days , and it crossed $2.2 7 per coin on 28th december and the same flow continued in beginning of 2018, and crossed $3.28 on 3rd January, and it’s capitalization was $95 billion and it crossed $120 billion in the Next day.
On 8th January, the ripple coin price stayed at nearly $3 and suddenly fell during its closing hours.
All these were happened, when coin market capitalization removes south korean exchanges for “extrem price separation”.

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